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Fun Exercising Products

Adjustable strap body belt On Sale

Wrap it around your body on the stomach section

Fitness Massage

Massages the body and shapes it

Multifuntion Exerciser On Sale

You can do multiple exercises on this machine and it is very effective on shaping the body

Abdominal Wheel

Fun to ease but very effective to the whole body. 

Revoflex extreme On Sale

The Revoflex Extreme takes advantage of bidirectional power. The rubber bands set up an increased resistance while pushing forward and thus achieve a…

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Abdominal Wheel

The ab roller is a simple device: two handles connecting a wheel. But don't let its simplicity fool you. The ab wheel is an advanced training tool th…

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Magnet stand On Sale

Ideal for sit ups

Modified 3times Belt
Sexy body vest trimmer
Waist trimmer vest

Ideal for exercising as it heats up the stomach fat and shapes your waist

Thigh and waist trimmer On Sale
Waist twisting disk

Fun to use and Ideal for shaping the body and mostly the waist. Also good for reducing the belly fat

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